Time: 8hrs
Type: Range Time
Tuition: $200
Prerequisites: Any Tier 2 course or equivalent

Required Gear:
Pistol or Revolver
500 rounds of factory ammo
Rigid Holster OWB/IWB/AIWB, specific for your gun
Sturdy Belt
3 magazines/speed loaders, minimum
Mag pouch/holder
Eye & Ear Pro

Not sure you have what you need? Check our Approved Gear List

This is an advanced course for handgun owners who are thoroughly familiar with manipulating their firearm. No rental firearms are available for this class. We will focus specifically on the aspects of marksmanship under stress, when and where fundamental breakdowns occur, and efficiency of motor skills. This course is designed to challenge students to reach their point of failure, diagnose “why”, and work to overcome shooting deficiencies.

Training Topics:

    • Marksmanship fundamentals
    • Efficient draw technique
    • Reloads
    • Malfunctions
    • 1-handed drills
    • Target ID and transitions
    • Shooting on the move
    • Different shooting positions