RFTC BP is offered exclusively at our Chambersburg location.
Contact Doug@RidgeFirearms.com to schedule this course.

Time: 4hrs, weekdays and evenings available
Type: Classroom & Indoor Range Time
Tuition: $75
Prerequisites: none

Required Gear:
.22 pistol and ammo are provided
Eye & Ear Pro

Not sure you have what you need? Check our Approved Gear List

RFTC Basic Pistol is our own prerequisite fulfillment for Tier 2 courses. It is offered exclusively at our Chambersburg location. Completion of this course will qualify you for Tier 2 courses.

Primary emphasis of RFTC Basic Pistol is firearms safety. Classroom training will address rules for safe gun handling, and range safety. We will focus on core shooting fundamentals and their proper application. Students who have never fired a gun will find that factual information and hands on familiarization will provide the confidence to own a firearm and the desire to pursue additional expertise. Shooters with some level of handgun experience will greatly benefit from knowledge and skill reinforcement while meeting the requirement for our more advanced courses. About an hour of live fire practice will cover basic techniques for acceptable marksmanship using the core fundamentals while demonstrating the desirability and encouraging continued self defense training. Care and cleaning is covered. If you own a handgun feel free to bring it for gun specific information.

For scheduling please contact Doug@RidgeFirearms.com