Ridge Firearms, Inc. is a Federal and State Licensed Dealer and gun transfer Agent.  If you purchase a gun out of State the seller must send the gun to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Agent.  Also, if you sell a gun to another individual within the State of Pennsylvania, you must transfer the gun through the holder of an FFL.  In either case Ridge Firearms, Inc. is available to handle transfers.  We also handle sellers transferring guns within and outside of the State.  We will box, insure and ship second day air packages to other FFL agents within the contiguous USA.

You can not transfer a gun from a dealer to a individual without going through an FFL Agent.

Here is an example of a gun purchased through a seller on Gunbroker:

  • You are a successful bidder for a gun on the Gunbroker site
  • You arrange payment with the seller
  • You collect the sellers email address, phone number or fax and send this to Ridge Firearms, Inc.
  • Ridge Firearms will contact the seller and email or fax a copy of our FFL license to the seller
  • The seller will send the gun and a copy of his/her FFL License or a color copy of their driver license
  • Once received Ridge Firearms will notify the buyer the item was received
  • The buyer will arrange a pick-up time for the item and complete the necessary Federal and State paperwork, this includes a background check and the information for the Federal Form 4473
  • Once all necessary checks are approved the buyer can take the gun.  There is no waiting period

The transfer fee for a gun is $35.  This includes the Background check, State Surcharge, Filing Fee, and State Tax.

If we ship a gun to another FFL Agent, the fee is the shipping charge for 2nd day air delivery, insurance and a $10.00 handling fee.

If you have any questions you can contact Mike@ridgefirearms.com or call 717-938-5016.