Time: Approx 3hrs (Start times may vary)
Type: Classroom & Range Time
Tuition: $75
Prerequisites: none

Required Gear:
Pistol or Revolver (may be borrowed if you do not yet own a firearm)
100 rounds of factory ammo (provided if you do not yet own a firearm)
Holster (helpful, but not required)
Eye & Ear Pro

Not sure you have what you need? Check our Approved Gear List

This course focuses on female students who are looking for a more relaxed training environment. Our course commitment is to have you enjoy the shooting sports while learning responsible firearm handling and safety. This course is for women of any responsible age.

Girls With Guns is approx 1hr of classroom instruction and approx 2hrs of range time learning to shoot pistols. Students learn rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; and the core shooting fundamentals. Completion of this course will qualify you for Tier 2 courses.

RFTC is able provide everything necessary, including firearms and ammunition. If you own a pistol, we encourage you to bring it and 100 rounds of factory ammo for the course.