Time: Approx 3hrs (Start times may vary. See Schedule for exact times.)
Type: Classroom & Range Time
Tuition: $75
Prerequisites: none

Required Gear:
Pistol or Revolver (preferably the one to be used for PPIH)
100 rounds of factory ammo
Holster (helpful, but not required)
Eye & Ear Pro

Not sure you have what you need? Check our Approved Gear List

RFTC Basic Pistol is our own prerequisite fulfillment for Tier 2 courses.

RFTC Basic Pistol dives directly into the core shooting fundamentals and their proper application, rules for safe gun handling, and range/live fire preparation. Students who have never fired a gun before will find their skill and confidence levels promoted effectively, safely, and efficiently, to what we realize is needed for our other courses. Expect to spend most of our time on the range demonstrating acceptable marksmanship using the core fundamentals.